2014 Workshops

Download workshop descriptions here: IYWM 2014 Workshop Descriptions.

Looking for handouts?

  • YA Market Trends
  • Dynamic Setting
  • Setting as Character
  • Save that Book! A Workshop
  • Hey, Baby, What’s Your Sign?
  • How to Prepare for a Successful Book Launch
  • Bring Characters to Life
  • Middle-Grade, Young Adult, New Adult…What’s the difference?
  • From SHU to S&S: An industry experience
  • Extreme Grammar
  • Writing for Teens Who Don’t Like Reading (YA? Y not?)
  • The Other: Gender Benders, Vampires, and More
  • Public Speaking for Creative Professionals
  • What Your Characters Don’t Say
  • Plotting for Pantsers and Pantsing for Plotters
  • Planning and Branding a Series
  • Flash Fiction
  • Balancing Emotion and Pacing for Unforgettable Fiction
  • Insider Trading: Tips and Shortcuts From Authors–Editors
  • It’s Not a Mystery!
  • The Dos and Dont’s of Horses in Writing
  • If the Shoe Fits
  • Poetry for Any Writer
  • What Do Real Psychic Detectives Do?
  • Just Add Writer: Writing Media Tie-In Fiction
  • The Writing Life: Author Collaboration Increases Visibility and Book Sales
  • Going at it Like an Amazonian