In Defense of Love Stories

Our world is rife with darkness. Even a cursory glance at current events reveals suffering, death, destruction, and hate. As a person with a highly-sensitive empathy response (I literally
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Selling and Signing Your Books at a Convention Table

So you have a book published. Great! You’re selling it online, you’ve got it in stores, and you’re waiting for the sales to roll in. When lo and behold,
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Remembering Ron Shannon

As many members of the Seton Hill Writer Popular Fiction program and In Your Write Mind Workshop attendees may already know, we lost one of our own very recently.
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Yes, fanworks are illegal: harsh truths about copyright & Fair Use.

This article was originally posted at the author’s website, reprinted here with permission. Updated on 6/19/2019. I’m writing this post because fanfiction is a buzzword again, thanks to the
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The Road Not Taken: Diversity in Your Writing

When Symantha asked our SHU writing community about adding diversity to her manuscript, I immediately thought, 1) Wow! This is someone who is being proactive and adding diverse characters
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Fixing the Fault in the Default

In case you haven’t been paying attention over the past year, let me fill you in. There has been a rising awareness of the need for better representation of
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Anticipating the 2015 In Your Write Mind Conference

Time is drawing near. It’s time for writers of different genres to congregate at an amazing Catholic University, a dreamscape structure, situated on a hill in Greensburg Pennsylvania. This
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A tale of a fateful blog post

Just sit right back, and you’ll hear a tale. A tale of a fateful blog post. The online romance community is abuzz with news that Ellora’s Cave, purveyor of
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