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We get lots of questions and always want to answer your inquiries to help you find the information you need in a timely manner, we built this Question and Answer page to address some of the most common questions that we receive.

What exactly is the IYWM workshop?

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Some people may call it a retreat, other call it a residency. We call it amazing!

The days at the In Your Write Mind Workshop are packed full with amazing modules to help you grow as a writer. You will meet many other authors, intent on polishing their craft and getting published (if they’re not already). Beyond being an incredible learning experience, you will find this to be a unique networking environment.[/showhide]

What can I expect at the IYWM workshop?

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Take a look at a previous schedule here: IYWM 2015

This will give you a pretty good idea how days are spent at this wonderful residency. You can also check out our calendar for the full workshop schedule. Keep an eye on it for special events throughout the year![/showhide]

What events happen at the IYWM workshop?

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Book Signing and Expo

Join a number of authors for our annual book signing/expo. This event is open to the public.

Approximately 40 authors will gather at McKenna Hall on the Seton Hill Campus.

Public Forum

The public is welcome to a special session by our guest speaker.

The Costume Party

*Costumes not required to attend…but they can if they want to!

Fundraising Raffle

The WPF Alumni Committee collects donations for the Scholarship Basket Raffle that takes place at the workshop in June. All money raised in ticket sales will go to the Writing Popular Fiction Alumni Scholarship Fund. As Alumni of the WPF program, the committee values the impact storytelling and writing has on our lives. The continued support of the WPF program, our fellow Alumni  and the scholarship awarded makes it possible for more great works of fiction to enter our lives. This scholarship will be awarded each term to someone with financial need in their final term toward achieving a Masters of Fine Arts in writing popular fiction.

Tickets for the Basket Raffle will be sold in the registration office throughout the residency, as well as at the booksigning and costume ball. The drawing will be held at the Costume Ball/Wine Social. Raffle items will be available for viewing during the days prior to the raffle.[/showhide]

Where are some good places to eat off campus?

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There are many local chain and ‘mom & pop’ restaurants where you can grab a meal. Since the lunch break is only an hour long, you may find eating in the campus cafeteria more convenient, while dinner off campus can be a pleasant treat.

Smokey Bones, Panera, Chipotle, Steak N Shake, Red Robin, Lupi & Leo, Robokyo hibachi, Five Guys Burgers, Headkeepers, Turina’s pizza and subs, Oliver’s Pourhouse, Moio’s pizza


What should I bring with me when attending the workshops?

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Possibly a recorder. Really it depends on how you take notes.

A copy (either memorized or written down) of your elevator pitch and if your novel is finished, a synopsis, cover letter.

Business cards (There are professionals in every workshop and although you don’t want to stalk or hassle anyone you do want to be prepared).

Snacks. We get breaks but 3 hours is a long time.

A light jacket because rooms are either 90 degrees or 40 and not anything in between.

Sheets and pillows are provided for those staying in the dorms.


What are these raffle baskets I keep hearing about?

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Each year, In Your Write Mind Workshop conducts a raffle drawing to support and fund our scholarship for the Writing Popular Fiction MFA. Last year, we raised over $1,600! Baskets are donated from all over the world and have included items such as signed books, movie memorabilia, coffee, tea, beer, wine, glassware, Seton Hill apparel, art, jewelry, hand-crafted goods, editing services and more.


Baskets will be located at In Your Write Mind Registration and will continue to arrive throughout the weekend so check back frequently. Tickets are sold at Registration Thursday through Saturday and will also be available at the book signing and Ball (until 10pm). The drawing will be held at the ball Saturday evening and winners will be announced at 10:45 pm.


How do I sign up for pitch sessions?

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After you register, you will receive an email with instructions on how you can request a pitch session time slot. Pitch sessions take place from 1-5 pm on Friday during the workshop and are based on a lottery system**. While we try our best to give you your first choice of agent/editor, you may end up with your second choice or third choice. You will receive a message with your agent/editor and time slot the week prior to the workshop.

If there are open pitch slots left in the schedule, you may sign up at registration for an additional spot. Openings at registration are on a first come, first served basis.

**You must be registered for In Your Write Mind workshop in order to secure a pitch time slot.[/showhide]

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